When Technology Holds A Vice Grip

I admit I can’t keep my website up and running and my connections to the reading public in proper working order without help. I can make basic changes here and there but when something goes bump in the night and my webpage disappears from the landscape I’m in a dither.

That happened this last week.

I had written a holiday blog and was ready to post for Memorial Day weekend. Launching into my personal login, nothing happened.  A glaring no trespassing sign lit up the screen and any further attempts to enter were thwarted.

I was adrift in the great cyber sea of confusion.

I contacted my web manager who responded immediately. His attempts to correct the problem failed. The fault lay with the company with whom I keep my domain name. They were in the middle of an upgrade and my website was among those who needed a platform boost.

They’d be back, they assured me.

A week passed and nothing happened. My web manager contacted the company but somewhere in the chain of command, communication had broken down. Several unsuccessful attempts to get inside the site followed, leaving no shortage of frustration.  Today my web manager broke through the barricade, made the corrections needed, and here I am once again in living color.

The world is on its right axis as it should be.

Proverbs 2:6 “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” I am glad he gave wisdom to my webmaster. I stand in awe of those computer savvy minds who can interpret the geek speak that always accompanies a glitch like this. Without them I’d be an unknown author of a book on the shelf.

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