When Did Spring Sneak Up on Us?

One blossom the night we sprung our clocks forward, a garden full when we awoke the next morning.

Spring is Here? Surprised by the date on next week’s calendar, I have to ask myself when spring snuck up on me. Have I been slogging around in the muddle of winter, overpowered by world news and current events, oblivious to the changes around me?

The birds have certainly been trying to tell me. They flit and flirt in the trees beyond our bedroom window, delightful little tunes coming from their throats. Twitter pated, that delightful term coined by the Disney movie, Bambi, describes the fervor of these happy little creatures.

The squirrels have caught the fever as well—dashing across the lawn, up the tree trunk, and along the top of the fence. Soon our resident mother squirrel will parade this year’s young across our yard, showing them the path she follows through the apple tree, over the roof of the house next door and down the camellia bush to the Ponderosa pine in front. Baby squirrels are so much fun to watch.

The rapid onset of spring has a positive side. Warmer weather, pretty flowers, Daylight Savings Time and Easter. The night we sprung our clocks forward we had one daffodil blooming. When we awoke the next morning, a garden of yellow trumpets greeted us, the sun had come out, and the street where we live came to life—lawn mowers, bikers, parents pushing strollers to the park at the end of the block.

Easter, March 31, which follows the spring solstice, brings another kind of renewal. Jesus came to earth to offer man a bridge to heaven, an escape from sin. His death at Passover, and his resurrection three days later conquered death forever. Because he took on sin, we became righteous in him.

2 Corinthians 5:21 (NASB)

21 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Enjoy your spring and the renewal it brings, leaving the dark of winter behind. Embrace the newness Christ offers to you and find spring in your soul.

Happy Spring and an even happier Easter!  I’ll be gone this next week. I’m traveling with a friend to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in Fenton, California where we’ll join  a host of others fine-tuning our writing skills, connecting with publishers and celebrating Palm Sunday together. See you in two weeks.

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