What’s A Launch Party?

With the impending release of my fourth book in the Mended Hearts series, Love’s Autumn Harvest, I’m contemplating a launch party. Since this is the last book I’ll write for this series I feel the need to celebrate.

Launch parties can be as different as the authors for whom they are given. Some choose online parties where the author  and her audience converse by Facebook posts or live chats. I’m not technology oriented so that avenue sounds like a recipe for disaster. But I suppose it can be done.

Because of covid19, finding an indoor venue that will pass inspection also poses a problem. Indoor events require facemasks here where I live. Food service means getting wrapped treats to serve and individual bottles or containers of drink. Plus I’m limited to how many I can admit at one time. Not that numbers should be a problem.

My third option is an outdoor event. A patio party sounds like fun. Everyone will be outside. No masks required. Chairs can be socially distanced. Ice coolers and trays of wrapped cookies will protect everyone from transmitting any unwanted microbes. I can wear gloves to sign the book copies as people ask for them. Music can be piped through speakers. That option is sounding better and better.

I don’t know  yet which route I’ll take. As this season of uncertainty continues, I’ll have to weigh each option carefully.

If you were wearing my shoes, which party option would you choose?
I’m open to suggestions.

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