This Pastime Can Kill

frantz044Last week I found myself pacing the floor, my breathing erratic, my pulse at a gallop. I chanted beneath my breath, “No! No! No!”

Lest you become alarmed, I was not in the middle of a health crisis. The heroine of the book I was reading had just said, “yes” to a man I considered the wrong suitor. I wanted to grab the hero by the throat and shout in his face, “She’s getting away, you idiot! Do something!”

Do you enjoy books that pull you so far into the story you feel like you are standing among the characters and can somehow alter the ending? If so, you need to discover Author Laura Frantz whose love for history and  her skill at creating an emotional response make her a must-read author.

Writing in the time of early America, Frantz gives careful attention to detail and includes historical bits that immerse her readers in the depths of the period. Her stories flow from the page like a marshmallow dipped in chocolate fondue.  She often includes Scottish themes that reflect her heritage and she explores issues of the era that plagued her characters and filled their lives full of danger. The result is jaw-dropping drama.

Frantz has authored several novels: The Frontiersman’s Daughter, Courting Morrow Little, and The Ballantyne Legacy  which includes Love’s Reckoning, Love’s Awakening, and Love’s Fortune. Her latest tale, Mistress of Tall Acre, released in September 2015. All are wonderful reads, but prepare yourself for a breath-taking ride.

I’m bracing myself for the next dive into exhilarating history—after my heart returns to normal, of course.

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