The Waiting is the Hardest


To the casual observer launching a book doesn’t seem like a big deal. The book gets published, is uploaded to a book site like Amazon or, and the author leans back and waits for the sales to roll in.

Piece of cake.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

After devoting months, maybe even years, to the writing of a story, the author may spend the same amount of time (more months, even years) finding a publisher who will agree to give the story a chance to become the printed page. Prayers are said, tears are shed.  A contract is signed.

At last.

Once that happens, the author must wait for the publication date which again can become months, even years.  In that interval of time, there is a cover to create, a set of edits to consider, maybe a second set of edits, galleys to inspect before the story goes to paper, and a final proofread to insure as few mistakes as are possible have made it to the end.

The author never finds them all.

By this time, most authors are tired of their story. They can quote it in their sleep. Their characters fill their dreams, often behaving like someone in another story.  The dialogue runs together in a monologue of sound bites. But God has seen them through to this end.

Time has passed.

But the day arrives. In a magical moment, the book is presented to the public. The waiting is over. The marketing begins and the readers respond. Authors never tire of hearing what people glean from their stories. Those who enjoy the tome, even those who don’t.

Like a mother who forgets the pain of childbirth when she sees her infant, it only takes one satisfied reader to block out all the trials the author has faced getting the book to print.

Readers make the wait worthwhile.

On Monday, June 15, dear readers, Love’s Autumn Harvest will be available for you. To God be the glory.



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