When Motorcycles Meet A Novice

  I’ve only ridden a motorcycle once in my life. Many years ago.  My then boyfriend who would later become my husband and I were on a rock hunting  expedition with friends in eastern Oregon. We were digging to recover quartz, specifically Jasper stone, and other rare rocks with interesting middles. My girlfriend’s brother-in- law […]

Of Ghosts and Goblins

When do the winter holidays begin at your house? I confess that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two I give any attention, but with the commercialism of our culture my daughter gets into the spirit of the season early by insisting on a Halloween pumpkin. I benefit from her enthusiasm by having a lot […]

Off to Conference

Two years ago this week I attended the Oregon Christian Writer’s conference in Portland, Oregon. There I met my then-to-be-publisher Miralee Ferrell,  of Mountain Brook Ink and agreed to write a three-book series—a happy ending to a long journey of attending conferences and seeking publishing houses. This week I will again attend the conference, bringing […]