Resolve to Read in 2015

I love to read.

If I’m doing research, I spend hours in front of the computer, digging up facts only a few years ago I would have had to find flipping through an encyclopedia.

If I’m in need of news I scan the newspaper.

If I want to be entertained, there’s nothing like the feel of a book full of unread pages to tempt me.

Reading enriches our lives in so many ways–, expanding our horizons, deepening our thinking, connecting us to people and cultures we may never physically experience. The new electronic devices make it easy to have a book or magazine at your fingertips wherever you are. You can download manuscripts and carry them with you. Waiting for a bus, sitting on a train, flying in an airplane–books can be there.

Resolve to read more in 2015. I highly recommend it.

About this week’s book pick:

Many who know Lauraine Snelling’s works are fond of her historical Red River of the North series which follows the trials and tribulations of the Bjorklund family as they leave Norway to settle in North Dakota.

But what those readers may not know is Snelling also writes contemporary fiction on timely subjects. In Heaven Sent Rain Dr. Dinah Taylor is a scientist and pharmaceutical CEO of a company which makes products to help people feel better. Her life is orderly and comfortable until one morning she buys breakfast for seven-year-old Jonah Morgan and his dog. Breakfasts with Jonah soon become routine and she finds herself more and more the source of the boy’s refuge. Neither of them know that soon Dinah will become Jonah’s guardian angel.

A late night call from Jonah sends Dinah rushing to find a veterinarian for the boy’s badly injured dog. At the clinic the pair meet Garrett Miller. Jonah likes Dr. Miller from the beginning, but Dinah’s reaction is a bit more frosty as the two don’t mesh on first encounter. As the dog’s injuries and the boy’s needs keep drawing the two together, the differences between Dinah and Garrett seem to widen, leaving what looks like an impossible divide between them. A compelling read, this novel is available from Faith Words Publishers, Amazon, and Christian Book Distributors (CBD).

Why  not stock your shelves? Here are books I’ve recommended in the past which you will enjoy. Plus I’ve added two new books which will release soon.

One is Beyond The Ashes Book #2 in the Golden Gate Chronicles by Karen Barnett, a romance set against the backdrop of San Francisco in ruins after the 1906 earthquake. Releases June 15, 2015.

The second is To Capture Her Heart Book #2 in the Southold Chronicles by Rebecca DeMarino. This is the continuing story of the Horton family as they left England for the Americas in the 1600’s. Releases July 7, 2015.

Be sure to explore the Books Tab above and click on Recommended Reading. There’s more books there. As one friend said, “so many books, so little time.”



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