Release Day is Upon Us!

This is the week. The long awaited release of Love’s Autumn Harvest happens this Friday, July 31.

This story has been coming awhile. I first wrote it several years ago, and it placed in several contests. It garnered the attention of more than one publisher. I found an agent.

But God in His wisdom didn’t find a contract for the story. So the tale sat in my computer waiting for its chance at publication.

This year Covid19 hit us. I know many people, as do you, who are mentally affected by the quarantine. A general feeling of despair permeates our thinking. We are Americans and don’t take our freedoms lightly. We yearn to be set free of our limits. We want our lives back. We are tired of the unrest, the violence, the disrespect, the immaturity of many citizens in our midst. We are sickened by the destruction of our beautiful cities. We need a change.

This didn’t surprise God. He knew we’d need an uplifting story to mend our spirits. He knew we’d need to laugh. He understood how the human spirit seeks to be refreshed, refilled, and revitalized. So he gave me a publisher for such a time as this. Because people need to laugh again.

Advanced readers, young and old, are giving me a thumbs up in their reviews. That always makes me feel good.

One reviewer, Julia Wilson, had nothing but good to say. Read her comments at :

I give you Love’s Autumn Harvest. It’s a story of second chance love. It contains all the elements we need to heal—heartache, reconciliation, and lots of laughter. Please enjoy this offering.

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