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Today I completed the contract with my publisher, Mountain Brook Ink. The third book in the Mended Hearts series, A Kite on the Wind, is on its way to the proofreader. The graphic designer will produce the cover mid-June. The book will release October 1.

It’s an odd feeling to be finished. I’ve spent the past twenty months writing at every turn. The first book,  An Anchor On Her Heart, had been completed when I signed the contract, but the publisher asked for some major changes. Deep cuts that meant rewriting a new middle. Didn’t see that coming.

Once I satisfied her requests copy edits came next. These are the little mistakes here and there that need addressing. In 90,000 words the editing can be daunting. Because the edits occurred during the same time period as I polished book two, Love Calls Her Home, I had to find two times during the day that I could write. One session was reserved for the edits, the other for the second story. It became a juggling act to keep it all straight.

When time came to edit book two, I had an entire manuscript three to complete. This story was only a paragraph with a couple of characters when I signed the contract. The setting was established, the hero and heroine named, and a glimmer of what the storyline might contain fit into three sentences. I was glad I had established two daily writing times early on. Editing one book and creating another book from ground zero challenged me even further.

But today I’m done. I might watch television tonight to relax. Or play Scrabble with my competitive son who always wins. The options feel foreign to me since I’ve not been able to participate in these activities for so long.

Is there more writing ahead? Like all creative people, I already have another novel on the back burner. My critique group likes the story. My agent thinks there’s potential. But I have no contract—yet.

God’s word tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6, to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” He led me to the first publisher. Perhaps He has another editor looking for what I have to offer.

Time to visit a conference or two and see who can I intrigue.

Stay tuned!

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  1. And I’ve loved every one of these books, Pat! You’ve done a great job on the edits and the revisions I sent your way. Thank you for being willing to make your books stronger and to dig deeper.

    1. unbrokengod says: Reply

      This has been a wonderful experience. At times it was difficult but as I learned what you wanted, and what Jenny saw, I grew as a writer. I’m proud of my three books. But God is the one who gets the glory. Thank you for trusting me to join your stable of writers.

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