Prayer Makes a Difference

Good news! News worthy of praise.

In late April I wrote of a grandmother who had lost her grandson to Children’s Protective Services and was despaired that the child would soon be put up for adoption and she might never see him again.

Last week I visited with her at the beauty shop where she works. She told me the adoptive mother, who is also the foster mother, agreed to a type of “open” adoption. With this plan the grandmother can see her grandson on holidays, his birthday, and take him out for picnics with the family. Her happiness glowed from her face as she told me; the plan better than she could have ever hoped. She didn’t want to raise the child, but she wanted to be his grandmother.

Many thanks to all of my readers who wrote and said they would be praying about the situation.  The grandmother is grateful for the requests sent heavenward on her behalf.

I have a plaque that hangs in my kitchen. It reads:

Prayer changes things.

“Ask what ye will and it will be done.”  John15:7

Amen and Amen!

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  1. I, too, have a plaque in my kitchen with the same words. Mine is metal, painted gold with the date of 1928 by A E Mitchell Art Co. It must be collectible, but it will stay on my wall. Prayer changes hearts also.

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