On the Edge of Your Seat–Author Brandilyn Collins

Do you like to read something that makes your spine tingle, your heart race, and your mind scamper for clues? And yet, with all those elements the story still reads with clean text and faith-based characters?

Impossible, you say?

Meet Brandilyn Collins, author of seat-of-your-pants-suspense.

Violet Dawn is the first novel I’ve read in Collins’ prolific offering of  great stories. What I found were characters who were warm and caring, but action that made me truly not want to put the book down.

Collins writes in short chapters, giving readers enough thrill to make them tense and just enough information to keep them reading. At the end of every page, she hooks the reader into making the turn to the next one. In Violet Dawn, we know who the villain is, who the accused is, and watch as those investigating the crime approach their roles with loving hearts and discerning minds—not the cold, hardcore evidence-kinds-of-people we see in current sitcoms. A refreshing tale for justice.

This weekend Brandilyn will be the featured speaker at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference at Multnomah University in Portland. If you’re in the neighborhood you should drop by and hear her. I’ve met Brandilyn before at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in Fenton, CA and again at the ACFW conferences in Dallas and Indianapolis. She’s a funny lady with a great sense of humor, as well as an open and caring heart. At almost every event I’ve attended with her, she leads the prayer room team.

Check out her other offerings on her website: Seatbelt Suspense® at BrandilynCollins.com or at Amazon books or ChristianBook.com

Multnomah University

8435 NE Glisan St

Portland, Oregon

9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Registration costs will apply where applicable


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