New Windows Clear Old View

Appreciate the picture–it was 99 degrees outside today.

 This past week we replaced the picture windows in the front of our home. Though they had been weatherized before we purchased the property, the procedure of the time consisted of adding an additional frame to the outside window. This doubled the glass and created an extra pocket of protection between the inner and outer glass.  

But no one told the bugs. Or the cobwebs. Or anything else thin enough to travel between the panes. Which left me to the tedium of removing the outer windows periodically to break up the party all those uninvited guests staged in the vacant space.  Ousted tenants can get ugly, trust me.

Cleaning meant finding a screwdriver, a ladder and a helper because I couldn’t take the windows apart by myself. They are eight feet long and five feet high.  As you might imagine, I only tackled the task once a year.  In the interim I was able to clean the inner and outer surfaces and the glass stayed relatively clean. Still, the windows grew cloudy and gazing out the double pane became a pain.

When the windows began to leak cold air and moisture, my husband and I decided to replace them.  After twenty years the old windows distorted the view outside, sweat in cold weather, and had gained twenty pounds.  At least they felt that way when we would lift them down. Time for a change.

The new windows are unbelievable.  The weatherization is still between the glass but there’s nothing to open and clean.  The checkerboard pattern we chose is also inside the glass so all cleaning requires is to squeegee the smooth surface on either side. No more aching shoulders.

And we can see! The amount of sunlight pouring through the glass is phenomenal. Something about the double panes of the old windows clouded the picture outside, but the new ones make it seem as if I’m gazing through open space.

God’s word talks about seeing things dimly this side of heaven. Like a cloudy glass we only know in part of what waits beyond this life. But one day we will see clearly and the truth we hold in our hearts now will be manifested in all its glory later. Jesus Christ will make Himself known to all, believer and skeptic alike. Which version of the glass do you look through?

I Corinthians 13:12 (KJV) 12 For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know, even as also I am known.

Praise God for His unfailing promises.

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