Need A Christmas Gift Idea?

Do you enjoy books where you never want to leave the characters? A novel which invites you to climb inside the pages and strangle the villain or hug the hero? A story which consumes your waking hours as you imagine what might happen next? If this sounds like you, read the Emerald Ballad Series by BJ Hoff.

Set in poverty-stricken Ireland at the time of the potato famine in the early 1800’s, Hoff takes you into an ugly and depressing period of history. Morgan Fitzgerald, Nora Kavanaugh, and Michael Burke are three adult friends who spent their childhood exploring their native land together, but now are faced with difficult choices, decisions which will reveal the determination and grit of the Irish people.

Morgan, in the tradition of the Irish love of story, is a poet, song writer, and an activist for his people. Nora is a starving widow, unsure how long her family will survive under the iron thumb of the English landlords. Michael fled the land nearly two decades before, seeking a better life as a policeman in New York City.

With these three characters Hoff weaves a tale between the three friends and across two continents that will bring you to your knees, tug at your heart strings, and have you reaching for the tissues. Hoff doesn’t spare the reader the gritty details of how these people lived—the realism makes the tales come alive.

Five books comprise the series and each novel has its own story thread. Hoff skillfully weaves the story between Dublin and New York, and has a knack for leaving the reader panting to see what happens as she changes scenes. Both men and women will enjoy these stories and the series would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the avid reader in your household. All are available from Amazon books in both paperback and on Kindle format. 

Book 1—Song of the Silent Harp

Book 2—Heart of the Lonely Exile

Book 3—Land of a Thousand Dreams

Book 4—Sons of an Ancient Glory

Book 5—Dawn of the Golden Promise


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