More Sensational Reading from Cynthia Ruchti

I don’t know how she does it.

Last summer, I reviewed Cynthia Ruchti’s novel, When the Morning Glory Blooms, having loved how the author wove the stories of three generations into one tale that connected all of them at the end of the book. Since that review, I’ve read two more—All My Belongings and As Waters Gone By—and have been blessed twice more by the intensity of feeling the stories evoke.

Ruchti states on her website that she creates fictional characters who will understand how her readers feel, imaginary people who will put into words and actions what most of us find indescribable. And with every story, she prays that the reader will close the last page of the book with a satisfied sigh and say, “I’m hemmed in hope.”

I did just that—three times. The draw of these books is amazing. I closed each novel, wishing the story could go on. The depth of the tales warmed my heart and gave me insights into people who face difficulties triumphantly. Made me look at my challenges in a different light.

In All My Belongings, Becca Morrow struggles to find a new identity, hoping to leave her past and the mistakes of her father behind. But his misguided deeds follow her across the country and she finds herself in the midst of a situation identical to the one her father created, an unfathomable turn of events she would never have thought possible. With suspense at its core and romance at every corner, this book sings.

In the second story, As Waters Gone By, based on the scripture from Job 11:16, Emmalyn Ross, infertile and childless, struggles to start over as she waits for her husband, Max, to finish his incarceration, having accidentally injured a man with his car. She doesn’t know if their marriage will continue when he gets out, doesn’t even know if she cares—her baby-making years are behind her. Until the unimaginable happens and she volunteers to care for someone for whom she has held disdain in the past, making her rethink her relationship with Max.

I can unreservedly say these contemporary works of fiction are worth the read. Enjoy.

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