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As many of you know, I signed my first three-book contract with Mountain Brook Ink right before Christmas. Two of my critique partners have published before, so I knew some of what was coming. When I whined to one of them that they hadn’t warned me, she said “Oh, yes, I did.” She’s right, she did. I just wasn’t ready to comprehend what she was telling me at the time.

What many people don’t understand is that often new authors, like me, present a completed novel along with their proposal to a prospective editor.The proposal contains a marketing plan, a synopsis, additional books that could be part of the series that may or may not be written, and a thorough description of the characters. Once that is accepted, the real work begins.

The editor reads the manuscript, edits out the repeated words, the questionable punctuation, and sentences that don’t read well. In some cases, entire scenes must be reworked. Then the edits are sent back to the author for correction.

In addition, dedication pages, acknowledgements, and author notes are added. Discussion questions are often included at the back of the book for the benefit of book clubs. Somewhere in this mix a cover is created, along with back book copy. All through this process, the editor and the author are working against a publishing deadline.

In my case, I’m also writing an additional story that will be part of the series, but isn’t yet written. Add to that the input of the publicist who is planning  blog tours, marketing events, and other social appearances to give the book an audience, and the author finds she is one very busy girl.

My first novel will release October 1. I’m looking for thirty people who like to read contemporary fiction who would be willing to be part of a street team to help launch the novel in the public arena. Each person would be given an advance copy of the work, asked to write a paragraph ( or just a sentence) about their impressions, and follow through by posting that comment on various review sites. If you’d like to be part of that advance crew, please contact me by private message on Facebook, or by commenting on this website. Please be sure to leave me your e-mail address, so I can contact you.



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