Launch Party Success

Parties are difficult to plan during the current state of affairs. Pandemic rules vary. Masks today, but not tomorrow. Indoor venues out, outdoor venues limited. Six feet between everyone. Coughs are not allowed.

Along comes a book launch party — Mine.

I didn’t know what to do. No obvious venues were available. No parks, no bookstores, no tea houses.

I asked my critique group. They didn’t know. I asked my husband. He wasn’t sure either. I ventured an option. How about our patio?  That would work, everyone said.

Would it?

I decided to give it a go. People could spread out. They’d be outside. Masks would be optional. How many would come?

I sent the invitations.

I planned wrapped snacks—bagged single serving cookies and wrapped ice cream bars. Water and soft drinks served in bottles from a cooler. No contact refreshments.

The responses were varied. Some were still too afraid to join a group. Others were taking advantage of the nice weather to get away. Couldn’t blame them there. But others were excited. A chance to see people—real people. Catch up with friends. Get out of the house.

If only the sun would cooperate.

The big day arrived. The patio was re-arranged so chairs were properly placed, benches scooted out so six feet remained between them. My husband built a new sidewalk so guests could enter through the garden gate.  All was in order.

I had my own table loaded with all my books, party favors, bookmarks, and a basket for a drawing I would hold after the party. Winner would take home a complementary mug.

Now to wait.

Not long. People began to arrive. The patio soon filled. Many in the group were friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while. The conversation grew lively. The laughter filled the air. Politics were discussed in a friendly vein. Guests came and went as time allowed for them to stay.

When the party ended, I was glad I’d made the effort.

James 1:17 says (NKJV), “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” God had indeed blessed me. 

My newest release, Love’s Autumn Harvest, from Mountain Brook Ink publishers has officially been launched.

The only thing I forgot was sunscreen.

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