In Search of a Good Read

Bookshelves line the perimeter of the room


Where do you go to get a good book? A local bookstore? A mass retailer with a display of books in the middle of the store? Online?

Ever thought about your church library? When I tell people I can get the works of all the newest authors and their most recent releases at the church library on Sunday, I  am rewarded with stares of wonder. But it’s true. My church library is an excellent source of the most up-to-date titles around.

Not all churches have libraries, I realize. Nor do they have three ladies dedicated  to meeting the needs of their reading public.

But at my church, Betty, Karen and Sandy man the library every Sunday, come in during the week to reshelf the returns, and peruse the latest mailers from  Christian Book Distributors to place orders for upcoming releases. Members suggest titles or authors they’d like to see and these three women investigate the requests, filling them when an author meets their criteria and as the library has funds. Not all authors make the grade.

Want to read Kingsbury? Bunn? Hunt? Raney? Blackstock? Alexander? Snelling? Bell? They are all there with their contemporaries waiting for you to check them out. This list doesn’t begin to cover all the names of writers with available books to read.

How about debut authors—O’ Barr, Sundin, Kyle, Yttrup? They’ve joined the ranks as well.

Your church doesn’t have a library? Find a couple of friends and see if you can start one.  Two or three volunteers sharing the load will make the work lighter. Two or three readers will make the job a delight.

In this world where it is increasingly difficult to discover material that doesn’t offend before you read it, having a dedicated church library staff to search out the best material will be your greatest joy.

John 12:26b (NKJV) “If anyone serves me, him my Father will honor.”

To my librarians, I say, “Thanks!”

In red, white and blue, the church library crew

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