Fourth of July–Celebrate Our Freedom

The street is quiet, the barbecue cold, the celebration over

The street has quieted, the barbecue is cold, and the cats which disappeared after the first Boom! on Wednesday have returned, though one of them slinks around like a war casualty. Fourth of July 2012 is behind us.

 A friend mentioned how this holiday, falling in the middle of the week like it did, seemed to encourage more days of booms, bells and whistles. Her dog, like my cats, reacted in nervousness, the noises outside terrifying if their source wasn’t understood.

Indeed, I heard what sounded like blasts from a rifle amid the other shrieks and crackles and wondered myself what might be happening. I also noticed that the sounds ended earlier Wednesday evening since working people returned to jobs the next day.

When I was a child, I celebrated like everyone else—setting off firecrackers, picnicking, and attending the local fireworks display with my family. The Fourth of July represented only a day for fun. I didn’t know there were others around the world who couldn’t play as I did.

But now, as an adult, having seen what war can do to countries and what oppression can do to peoples, I appreciate my freedom. I know we live in a country we take for granted, operate a government we the people control, and bask in basic rights that others ruled by lesser leaders only dream about. Our soldiers have put themselves in harm’s way that we might continue to live as we do.

 America, though, may be in trouble. Choices—all in the name of rights—have been made apart from what God’s Word tells us to do. Losing God’s blessing is not something I want to see for this country that I love. Future Fourth of July celebrations could be in jeopardy.

In II Chronicles 7:14 God says, “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.”

In the Old Testament, the Jewish people discovered God meant what He said and paid the price for disobedience. Likewise we should pay attention.

May God bless America.

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