Your New Go-To Site

Have you ever missed a local concert by your favorite Christian group because you discovered it the day after it played?

 Or a book you wanted to buy and were waiting for it to drop in price had a “today only” special and you didn’t know about it?

Faith is the site for you.

Launched earlier this month, is the go-to site for everything related to the faith-based life. You can find blogs related to your life’s challenges, scripture to guide your day, church happenings, and book signings by your favorite authors. All listed by your state and region.

At the time of the launch, regional coordinators for were at work in Portland and Eugene, OR; San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Grand Rapids, Birmingham, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. The following cities have just been added: Seattle, Houston, Memphis, Richmond VA, Kansas City.  Area coordinators have been hired to list music venues, special speakers, college events, and local authors book signings.

And the best news?  Membership is free. Just provide your e-mail address and choose a password and you are on your way. Check it out and then check-in.


Because the site is new and growing and changing every day. Tell your friends. By this time next year, you won’t know how you managed without it.

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Author’s note: is the brainchild of Greg Johnson, current head of Word Serve Literary in Denver, Colorado. Greg has been in publishing for nearly twenty-five years. He has written and published twenty works of nonfiction with traditional publishers as well as being a magazine editor for a teenage boys magazine for five years. He has a deep-seated heart for ministry.


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