Christmas in August arrives on flower’s blossom


If you live in beautiful, green Oregon, as I do, summer arrives when the last cold front finally passes through.  This year
summer arrived July 21—a full month after the wall calendar declared the season had begun.  And when sunshine arrives
that late, the sun-loving flowers don’t make their entrance until later, too.

So,for me, this August feels much like July should have felt. The normally hot weather that wilts us in July has arrived this third week in August. My fuchsias are now in full bloom, my begonias are thriving, and my Christmas cactus is putting on its semi-annual color extravaganza.

What? A Christmas cactus in summer?

Yes, it is true.  This amazing phenomenon was brought to my attention by my mother. Every summer she would put her Christmas cactuses outside as soon as the last frost passed and leave them there  until just before the first frost which usually occurs at the end of October.  Not only did the change of location make the cactus

bloom in the middle of summer, the profusion of color in the fall amazed us all.  Something about the change in temperature and the differences in light energizes the cactus into blooming as
if it will not see tomorrow.

As a Christian I am much like that cactus flower. I’ve been given a transformation—have been taken from the position of a human living in darkness without hope. When I learned who Jesus really was, I suddenly understood what it meant to be adopted as a child into God’s family. I stepped into the light.

Knowing that my ultimate end is an eternity spent in heaven with Him, the difference is like night and day. Like the cactus flower blooms in its new location, so I need to radiate the change given to me as a gift.

All of us who know who Jesus is should emanate that same kind of radiance. We have the promise of a life here lived in God’s
presence and of a future in eternity. That kind of love should make us beam.

A hurting world needs to see us bloom and know the reason for our happiness. But, instead of  blooming twice a year  like the cactus, we should fill our world with a profusion of happiness every  single day.

Jesus said, “Behold I make all things new.”

Second  Corinthians 5:17: “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new.”

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  1. I live in Washington State, where we’ve had the same late summer you’ve had. If I’m not seeing things, I believe the leaves on one tree acroos from our house is already beginning to turn. What an interesting year, climate wise. Even though colder than normal, I prefer it to the heat in other parts of the country, but to each his/her own.

  2. Wonderful story parallel Patricia. I too am feeling the winter come early here near Spokane, WA. Was in Montana last week at 7000 feet near West Glacier. Was sooo… hot! Today my Montana friend told me they are expecting snow up there tonight! How can we have such a short summer?

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