Pushing Forward

Well, here we are nine days into the New Year. Many are saying they’ve used their trial subscription  for 2021 and have decided not to renew their enrollment. I can’t say I blame them. What a week. What should have been a peaceful verification of the electoral college votes in Washington D.C. turned into a […]

The New Year is Here

I confess I’m afraid to wish everyone a happy new year. Considering how 2020  unfolded, I’m wondering what 2021 will bring. Despite all the ups and downs of 2020, though, we made it. My family has so far bypassed Covid19. The election, and all the drama, phone calls, and mountains of mail, has passed, even […]

Meeting Nearby Neighbors

* Author’s note:  This is the fifth in a series of posts about the historical portion of my newest release: The Descendant’s Daughter Riding into a wilderness meant anticipating many unknowns. Not only was the weather unfriendly, wild animals shared the forests with natives living nearby. When the main character in my newest release, The […]

What’s A Launch Party?

With the impending release of my fourth book in the Mended Hearts series, Love’s Autumn Harvest, I’m contemplating a launch party. Since this is the last book I’ll write for this series I feel the need to celebrate. Launch parties can be as different as the authors for whom they are given. Some choose online […]