When Scammers Call

The incident began innocently enough. We’d had problems with our cable service in recent weeks. Two visits by repairmen had not solved the issue. I’d registered a complaint with the company and expected a response. When I answered the phone a man claiming to be a representative for the cable company told me how sorry […]

Wishing You a Joyous Easter

With Easter bringing this holy week to a close I am reminded of an experience I had while cleaning out a neglected cupboard several years ago. Shoved to the back a tray of silverware waited, nestled among a few stale pretzels that escaped their bag. I recognized the pattern. The tableware came from my mother’s […]

Heading into March

  Valentine’s Day is past. In fact most of February has left us. But the memory of that day to celebrate love still lingers. Just before the holiday I sat waiting in traffic for the light to change as people traversed the crosswalk. One young man stood out from the crowd. Not wearing a mask, […]