My Readers Write

“A friend loaned me An Anchor on her Heart. I didn’t want the journey to end and look forward to the sequel. To make finishing the book special, I made myself a cup of cocoa from scratch to savor along with the final pages of your book. I agree with your teacher. Keep writing Patricia.”  Robin


“I just finished reading your beautiful book. So enjoyed your story. Pictured Newport in my mind, felt like I knew the characters, and really connected with your writing style.”   Jeanne


“I just finished your book. I cried. It was wonderful. Excellent book with also a Christian setting. What I love to read.” Dawn


“I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it immensely.  I judge a book if it grabs my interest within the first few pages and this one did just that.  You have a great talent and this story made me laugh and cry.  You mixed romance with suspense which enriched this book.”  Ruth

“All I can say is You/ Made/ Me/ Cry! I only cry over books that really touch me. What a wonderful book.”  Kay

“What a great book!” Karen