My Readers Write

“In Search of Forever by Patricia Lee is  exactly the book I needed. I adored meeting these characters. 

Both the main couple and the side      characters really stood out in this book. Jayden and Baylie both have some difficult choices to make, and I loved seeing how their friends stepped in to help where they could. Parker’s wise counsel, Jayden’s mom’s friendly teasing, Kurt’s supportive friendship, and others made the story   special.

I also loved the faith woven throughout the story. I always appreciate a story where the faith aspects aren’t ignored, and this one has some beautiful faith moments along with some powerful reminders. An absolutely beautiful story! “ 

Stephanie Lynn, Readers’ Favorite


“Patricia Lee is an author who brings warmth and depth to her stories. She is skilled in writing books that will sit in your head and heart for a while after you finish the story.. .  She shows God’s forgiving grace and healing that can come if we reach out and take the step towards Him.”  MF 

“I was delighted to return to the characters from Lee’s second book, Love Calls Her Home. These are flesh and blood people-you-know characters, and their hopes and hurts are on poignant display through every plot twist and chapter.

Cardboard Christian characters? Not in this book. I loved the strong faith-in-action   elements of the plot and the realistic, not preachy, spiritual journeys traveled by the main protagonists,   Jayden and Baylie.” BSH


“This is a story of forgiveness. The best kind of forgiveness. God’s forgiveness. MFitzgerald



A friend loaned me An Anchor on her Heart. I didn’t want the journey to end and look forward to the sequel. To make finishing the book special, I made myself a cup of cocoa from scratch to savor along with the final pages of your book. I agree with your teacher. Keep writing Patricia.”  Robin


“I just finished reading your beautiful book. So enjoyed your story. Pictured Newport in my mind, felt like I knew the characters, and really connected with your writing style.”   Jeanne


“I just finished your book. I cried. It was wonderful. Excellent book with also a Christian setting. What I love to read.” Dawn


“I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it immensely.  I judge a book if it grabs my interest within the first few pages and this one did just that.  You have a great talent and this story made me laugh and cry.  You mixed romance with suspense which enriched this book.”  Ruth

“All I can say is You/ Made/ Me/ Cry! I only cry over books that really touch me. What a wonderful book.”  Kay

“What a great book!” Karen