Book Pick–The Amish Bride by Harvest House Publishers



All the elements of a good mystery—a missing painting, a coded journal and a father’s unexplained  return—lie within the pages of  The Amish Bride written by Leslie Gould and Mindy Stearns Clark. 

Ella Baker desires two things—to run her own bakery and someday marry her Amish boyfriend, Ezra Gundy. But his family frowns on the match because Ella was raised Mennonite. To cool their relationship, Ezra is sent to a farm in Indiana to learn the business of managing a dairy. 

When Ella’s estranged father returns, she flees Lancaster to Indiana and winds up on a farm linked to her great-grandmother’s coded journal. With the help of an Amish farm hand, Luke Kline, Ella discovers the code and clues to her own history. The information forces her to look at her past, her present, and the future God may have for her.

The Amish Bride is a refreshing twist on a genre I consider overwritten. This Amish story captured my attention, drawing me into a modern-day novel with different conflicts than the conventional buggies and bonnets tale. Whether or not you read stories about the Amish, this one is worth your time, its intricate twists and turns drawing you deeper into the book.

Leslie Gould and Mindy Stearns Clark are both best-selling authors who teamed up for this work. Gould lives with her family in Oregon  and Clark and her family reside in Pennsylvania.

The Amish Bride is available online or wherever great books are sold.

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