Book Pick–One Woman Falling


One Woman  Falling

Author Melanie Campbell


Everything Cassie Peterson holds dear is in danger of being stripped from her grasp unless she finds the courage to act. On the surface she appears to live the idyllic life—beautiful home, handsome husband, darling daughter. Beneath the facade, trouble brews. Cassie is living a lie.

This debut novel by Melanie Campbell will be difficult reading for some as the story lays bare some uncomfortable truths. Others, though, will identify with Cassie’s struggles and wonder why this hasn’t been written sooner.

The first book in the Whispers of Grace series, One Woman Falling , explores the challenges faced by a woman caught in an abusive relationship who needs to find a way out. The pitfalls threatening to undo her are many, the availability of resources are few.

The story gives readers many things to think about. How can outsiders help someone caught in this web of trouble? Can others lessen the burden placed on a woman in this position? As a Christian I was convicted of my need to be more aware of those in Cassie’s shoes.  I recommend this book as a guide to greater understanding of those who didn’t get the “happily ever after” they once dreamed about.

Here’s the book back:

“Cassie Peterson lives in an invisible prison of fear, chained by self-doubt and guarded by a relentless warden—her husband. Derrick’s verbal abuse as well as his alcoholism have left Cassie alienated from her family, without friends, and certain she can’t survive on her own.

After an unexpected police visit, Cassie realizes the survival of her four-year-old daughter, Renee, depends on Cassie’s courage to leave. What she doesn’t plan on is Derrick’s vengeful custody fight.

While walking through the treacherous world of divorce, Cassie is encouraged by her spunky new friend, Missy Langdon, to pursue her love of waterfalls. Cassie finds solace in the waterfalls on the agonizing weekends she’s forced to hand Renee over to Derrick. Meanwhile, unexpected help comes in the form of Brian Sutton, an attorney at the firm where Cassie works—but what price will she ultimately pay for his assistance?

As Derrick’s threatening behavior escalates, Cassie questions her choices. How long will her daughter suffer before the custody case is resolved? Why is she drawn to waterfalls during this chaotic time? And who will stand with her when everything comes crashing down?”


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  1. Thank you for generously sharing another author/book recommendation! I plan to order this new novel.

  2. Patricia Lee says: Reply

    Always happy to pass on new authors. Melanie’s story will be a thought provoking read.

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