Book Pick–New Author Sherry Kyle

Raising a child by yourself is a tough assignment, but the difficulty is only heightened when the birth father chooses an unlawful lifestyle that is opposite from yours.

 That’s the situation Jessica MacAllister finds herself in when her son’s father calls her and requests a visitation, an encounter she knows cannot happen, especially since the man signed his custody rights away years before.

To escape, Jessica goes to visit her missionary uncle, George, whose illness has left him only one leg and who struggles with memories of Evelyn, a woman he once loved. What Jessica doesn’t know is her uncle’s long lost love is now a widow and looking for him, hoping to say she’s sorry for something she did those many years before. Nor can Jessica imagine that the handsome man she meets at a party will be a new love interest with an intriguing past, one that will unknowingly put her in harm’s way. 

 The Heart Stone, a romance novel by new author Sherry Kyle, explores the journey of the two women, a heart-shaped ring that binds them, and their desire to reconnect with this man they both love for different reasons. Set in the heart of Santa Cruz, California, you’ll enjoy the references to the beach, lighthouse, and gorgeous weather along with the bits of mystery, suspense and romance Kyle weaves together for a satisfying read. Published by Abingdon Press and available from Amazon.



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