Book Pick for Summer Reading

Karen Barnett’s latest release, Where the Fire Falls, published by Waterbrook Multnomah, has everything a reader could hope for in an historical account—the beautiful setting of Yosemite National Park, engaging characters, a touch of mystery, and a love story. A surefire mix of elements for an intriguing tale.

It’s 1929 and Yosemite National Park is in its infancy. I appreciated how Barnett used the Yosemite setting as if it were another character. As a reader I was drawn into the landscape, imagining it through the eyes of the individual in whose point of view I was. I’ve never been to Yosemite but word pictures helped me envision the majesty of the place.  Barnett’s scenes gave me a sense of the massiveness of the boulders, the feel of the waters, and the vistas that my eyes might behold were I there. The experience stole my breath away.

The story kept me guessing, too. I knew no character would appear without a reason. I spent much of the book waiting to see how that person fit into the storyline. Was he or she a villain in disguise? I wasn’t disappointed. Even the most unlikely individual turned out to be a hero, surprising me.

Don’t miss this novel. You’ll be glad you read it. Available at most book stores and on,, and Barnes and Noble.


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