Book Pick–Author Sarah Sundin and Wings of Glory series

Great new romance

One of the most pleasurable accompaniments to our trip to the Tillamook Air Museum in February was the WWII book I took to read, Blue Skies Tomorrow, by debut author Sarah Sundin. A romance in the time of war, Lt. Ray Novak and Helen Carlisle find their way to love despite the bombs, politics and social mores of the time.

Lt. Novak is a pilot who is stationed stateside to train bombardier pilots for war. When the position changes and only pilots with battle experience can keep the job, Lt. Novak must choose between serving as a supply clerk or going to war. To prove his bravery and to win the heart of the woman he secretly loves, he chooses Europe.

Helen Carlisle, widowed when her first husband died in the line of duty, must keep up the pretense of being the serviceman’s widow while living in the shadow of her controlling, former father-in-law. Only the men he approves will she be allowed to date. When dashing and longtime friend Ray Novak comes on the scene she is torn between what society expects of her and the desire to act upon her heart’s wish.

Sarah Sundin has deftly captured the flavor of the times, her attention to detail and her innate ability to write with a fresh voice and delightful asides make this novel outstanding in its genre. Two other books are part of the Wings of Glory series—A Distant Melody and A Memory Between Us. Published by Revell, all three books are available, both in paperback form and on Kindle, from Christian Book Distributors and Amazon books.

You won’t be disappointed.  

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