Autumn Declares God’s Glory

Has autumn’s magical wand swept through your yard yet this year? This past week seems to have brought out the seasonal changing-of-the-guard here where I live. Gold, orange, and red have replaced the green in many of the trees signaling the approach of winter and the intent of the flora around us to sleep.

My science-minded son told me these changes are a process wherein the chlorophyll in the green leaves we’ve enjoyed all summer begins to degrade. As the decay continues, the beta-carotene that’s already in the plant, but has been hidden by the dominant green, emerges to produce the lovely orange hues we see. Further, the xanthophylls that also have been hiding in the leaves, along with the beta-carotene, make their show of yellow. The red and purple hues that come later are a result of anthocyanins the plant synthesizes. What an incredible series of events has to happen to produce the awe-inspiring panorama that fills my yard.

While I’m glad to know there is a scientific reason for all the display of color, I am made more aware of the presence of an almighty God who stands at the helm of this ship I’m riding, commanding the cycles of transformation. What a great mind He must have to create such wondrous hues. To think He created this for me is humbling.

Psalm 57:11 proclaims His greatness: “Be exalted above the heaven, O God; Let your glory be above all the earth.”

And again in Psalm 72:19, the psalmist declares, “And blessed be His glorious name forever; And may the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen, and Amen.”

One stroll through the park near my home, or a drive down my street, confirms what the psalmist knew. The earth is filled with His glory.



Enjoy the changes before frost, rain, and snow claim possession of the earth while the dormant plants sleep until spring. Maybe I’ll take a nap as well.

Until next time.

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