Art in the Eye of the Beholder

Publication 2016 C alendar Cover

Thomas Kinkaid is known for his landscapes, Picasso for his contemporary designs and Rachel Lee for her critters. Each artist has chosen a different medium and a different subject they reproduce, but each one has something unique to bring to the world of art.

Critter Corner Cards, a company founded by Rachel Lee in 2005, is celebrating its tenth anniversary year and has just released its 2016 Wall Calendar, Playful Pals, which it is offering for sale on its website: A printable order blank and pricing information is also available there.

The calendar features thirteen breeds of dogs—many of them from foreign countries. Have you ever seen a Chinook? A Hungarian Vizsla? Japanese Chin Spaniel? These delightful canines have been captured in colored pencil and a different one graces each month’s calendar page.

Critter Corner Cards has been well received by children and adults both. Many of its print overruns have been donated to local schools to be used as prizes for classroom achievements and behavior rewards. The animals on the page have a way of inviting the viewer into their world through the use of bright colors and rich habitats.

Check out this fledgling company and order your copy today. Orders must be placed by mail. Checks are readily accepted. Last year’s calendar sold out before the season ended, so don’t wait too long.

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