A Synonym for Published

Picture Credit: Tammy Bowers

Synonym for Published? BUSY!

When I signed my first book contract in 2016, I was totally ignorant of the work load I would soon face. Hey! I’d written two of the three manuscripts. I just had to pound out a third by the end of the next year and I was finished. Right?

Wrong! On all counts. Turning in a manuscript is only the beginning of the workload. That first submitted novel became a round of edits, and another round of edits, a re-write of the middle, and another round of edits. Do you hear the weariness in those words?

After that came the proofread. My publisher uses three or four proofreaders on each manuscript to ensure the quality of the story. After they finish, the book comes back to me for a final proofread—to be sure the story still reads like I intended, and the book doesn’t contain any missed mistakes or overlooked comments.

On the heels of turning that back to the publisher I had to submit the second novel. I waited, knowing the kind of scrutiny the book faced. I also wondered how the new editor assigned to me and I would work together. More edits followed, more dialogue about parts or the story, and more bewilderment when we couldn’t seem to agree. But we made it through and the book reached the publisher in time. This week I’m polishing the final proofread on this work.

In three weeks, I submit the third manuscript in the series. But this time I’m familiar with the drill. I know the work involved. I understand the process. Yes, this is what I signed up for when I agreed to my contract. But hearing from readers who enjoyed the story makes the labor intensive procedure satisfying.

Have you read my first novel, An Anchor On Her Heart? It’s available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback form.  Ask for it at your local Barnes and Noble store or ask your Christian bookstore to order it for you. It’s also available from Amazon.com. I’d love to hear what you think.

Remember in just two more months, the second story in the series, Love Calls Her Home, will be available. It’s currently on pre-order on Kindle at Amazon.com. When you read it, drop me a line and tell me what you think. I answer my readers here on my website. Thanks for listening and reading. Without you, I wouldn’t be.

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