A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Results of a recent survey show that sales of Valentine’s Day sentiments, chocolate, and flowers are down. The average spent used to be $160, but according to the survey revenue has dropped almost 75%. Hmmm.

I have no way of checking those statistics and because this news made for a lead story in a television report, I remain skeptical. Local stores are packed with boxes of chocolate, shelves of container flowers, and rows of heartfelt cards. The selection keeps shrinking, so someone is buying for their significant other, or others, as the case may be.

My publisher, Miralee Ferrell of Mountain Brook Ink, entered the spirit of this romantic holiday this week by releasing a new seven-book collection in Kindle format called “I Choose You”. My debut novel, An Anchor On Her Heart, is part of the set and joins six other Contemporary Christian Romance Novels by popular authors Angela Ruth Strong, Kimberly Rose Johnson, Christa MacDonald., Miralee Ferrell, Annette M. Irby and the writing team of Deborah McCann Dulworth and Linda Edington Hanna.

To make the offer more enticing, the entire collection is ONLY 99 cents. Imagine getting seven full-length novels for les than a dollar!

To spread the word about this amazing offer, Mountain Brook Ink is asking everyone who has read one or two of the authors in the collection to zip on over to Amazon.com, buy the collection to verify your purchase, and post a review at the collection’s site. We need as many of you to help as can. Thanks in advance.

Want to shop for this collection? Click here: https://amzn.to/2WR8b4n

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