A Mountaintop Experience




I celebrated Palm Sunday at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in Felton, California last weekend.  This was my fifth visit to the mountaintop retreat center in as many years and is, without a doubt, my favorite writer’s conference.

 Twenty three states were represented by attending conferees. Many came from as far south as Texas and the southernmost states while I met others from as far north as Minnesota and as central as Chicago. Another friend I’d made at a past conference came from Guatemala. The teacher of the morning track class I attended arrived from Florida by way of England where he lives six months of the year

.Considering what a diverse group of people this conference attracts, you would think that we would have difficulty finding common ground. Not so. The spirit of the campus is one of a united passion—finding ways to communicate to a lost and dying world the love and saving grace offered through Jesus Christ. The turmoil and chaos in our world today became a common thread of concern—from the keynote speaker, McNair Wilson, to the editor panels. 

The feeling of community is heightened by the communion service held on Sunday where editors, agents and authors alike meet together to worship at the foot of the cross. No other conference comes close to the spiritual emphasis that is maintained at Mount Hermon.

The Bible encourages us to come together and pray for one another. In Matthew 18:20 (KJV) Jesus says, “ 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

That sense of the Savior in our midst permeated every day of the five days we spent together. Thank you, Mount Hermon staff, for keeping the emphasis where it needed to be. Focused on the only one who can truly CHANGE the world. Our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.



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