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 2018 Holiday Blog Tour Stop #18

“Welcome to Mountain Brook Ink’s 2018 Holiday Blog Tour! We’re so excited you’ve decided to join us on this journey of family, friends, traditions, and memories over the next month. You as our reader have done so much to pour into our lives, and this season we want to give back to you with insights into our lives AND some giveaways. The more days you follow, share, comment, and engage with us, the more entries you’ll have toward a Kindle Fire Grand Prize or one of three Amazon Gift Cards!”


The holidays at my house inspire a lot of baking. With my busy schedule during the year as an author, a financial assistant for an elderly gentleman, and the unofficial  CEO of my daughter’s card business, I find taking time to bake is not high on my priority list. But when Thanksgiving looms large, with Christmas to follow, I know my family would be disappointed if I didn’t serve their favorites.

Breakfast for both Thanksgiving and Christmas always involves a plate of my cinnamon sticky buns. The nice thing about my recipe is that it is so easy. It involves thawing and rising a frozen loaf of bread dough, rolling it out lengthwise, spreading butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts across its surface, then rolling it up long side out and slicing it into rolls. Line a buttered baking dish with a layer of caramel made by heating two tablespoons Karo syrup, two tablespoons butter and half a cup brown sugar together (don’t boil), pour in pan,  and place the rolls on top. Allow to rise. Bake for 25 minutes, invert on a serving plate, and everyone goes, “aaah”.

Cookies are another important part of our traditional holiday celebration. I love having several varieties on hand to fill tins for neighbors, friends who visit, and, of course, the cookie hounds who invade my kitchen and sample to their heart’s content. Pictured here are Almond Butter Cookies, Turkish Hats, Old-fashioned sugar cookies, Peppermint bark, and my original recipe of Peanut Butter Fudge. I’m proud of that recipe because I created it in high school for a class project and twenty years later I ran into my former home economics teacher at a shopping mall and she told me she still had that recipe and made it every holiday. Surprised? I was.

Happy Birthday Jesus cake

This recipe came from my mother’s cookbook and though it is complicated, its richness demands a special occasion. At our house we try to remember whose birth it was that we are celebrating at Christmas so I deemed this chocolate chip torte the birthday cake for Jesus. It’s full of dates, nuts, and chocolate chips, with either a mocha frosting or a dusting of powdered sugar.  Cooked in a Bundt cake pan or an angel food cake pan, its moist texture and deep chocolate flavor will have  your guests asking for more.

After the baking is complete, my family sits down to a table that’s specially decorated for the holiday.

 At Thanksgiving I always use my Pilgrim candles for the centerpiece. I’ve had the candles for forty years and though there have been replicas since, these still have the 39 cent sticker on the bottom proving how old they really are. The candles provide an easy conversation starter about the beginnings of this great land we live in and how that first winter in Plymouth claimed many lives.                                                                                                                                   

At Christmas the entire house is decorated with red and green and my table is red, too.  When my guests gather I want them to know they are welcome here.








Christmas invites all of us to draw near the manger and remember the babe whose birth changed the course of history. That tiny child grew to be a man who went to the cross to pave the way to eternal life to all who would believe.

Welcome to my table. And thanks for joining my family and I for a glimpse of our holiday traditions. A joyous season to all of you.


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19 Replies to “A Holiday Welcome”

  1. Those cinnamon rolls sounds great and easy! I’m going to have to try that! (You’ve got me curious about your peanutbutter fudge too! lol

    1. The rolls are easy. That’s what I need on a busy holiday morning.

  2. Wow the food looks good!! The nativity looks just like my parents they put it out every year..

    1. We purchased the nativity figures when our children were small. The images are made in Italy and we had to buy them over time, always shopping the half-price sales after Christmas. But the extra sheep and goats made the scene complete.

  3. Oh all the food sounds delicious. Your fudge and cake recipes sound like keepers.

    1. The peanut butter fudge is a modification of a chocolate fudge recipe my mother always made. The cake was in an old Starlight Recipe book she also owned.

  4. All of the food looks good. Would love the secret cake and fudge recipes.

  5. I’d be happy to share both. Shall
    I send them to your e-mail address?

  6. Edward Arrington says: Reply

    I’d love to try some of those cookies, sticky buns, and cake. They sound delicious.

  7. Trust me, Edward, they are.

  8. Jennifer Hibdon says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your traditions. A lot of our traditions and memories revolve around food. I would love to try your recipes.

  9. I’d be happy to share them.

  10. Great post. Thanks for sharing your memories! My mouth was watering as I read your recipes and viewed your photos. 🙂

    1. I hope you took time to enter the contest. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  11. OH!MY!GOODNESS!!! These desserts look amazing. Thank you for sharing your traditions.

    1. They are fun to make and always receive good reviews from my family. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  12. The food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing wonderful memories and stories

  13. I love how different people have different food traditions for the holidays. I just spent the day today baking cookies. Six double recipes done!

  14. That’s a lot of cookies. I bake mine in smaller quantities and over several days. Happy Thanksgiving!

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