A Friendly Gathering

One of the joys of having a retired husband is seeing my honey-do list fulfilled. He likes keeping busy and I’m just the girl to help make that happen.

Part of our together time has been devoted to making our patio a gathering place for others. For years the area went unused because a large locust tree occupied the center and no flowers would grow in its shade. Our kids used the tree for a swing support, but entertaining people was not something we did.

The tree died about five years ago leaving us with an ugly stump and a lot of undeveloped space. Not a problem for my newly retired husband. He expanded the patio fence, set paving brick, and whittled at the stump with a chain saw. Seeing an opportunity I planted the spaces in and around the stump with flowers. The effect proved glorious.





Last summer we started using the patio for parties. I’ve hosted my critique group there, the flowers and the fountain providing inspiration for lively discussions. We invited a group of my husband’s former co-workers for a patio party and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I fixed lunch for some of my closest friends and served it under a patio umbrella.



A.W. Tozer, a noted theologian, is quoted as saying, “If God gives you a few more years, remember, it is not yours. Your time must honor God, your home must honor God, your activity must honor God, everything you do must honor God.”

I’m blessed to know my husband and I are spending our sunset years making other people happy. I pray they find my home welcoming and see that by serving them I want to honor God.

Hebrews 13:2 (KJV) tells us: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

Would you enjoy an invitation?


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  1. Jean Costin says: Reply

    You’ve created such a lovely, welcoming space, Pat! How wonderful that you’re sharing this beautiful “European garden” with friends. I’m blessed to have been your guest!!

  2. Patricia Lee says: Reply

    Thank you Jean. It was an absolute delight having you both come for lunch. Hope we can do it again.

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