A Bouquet of Flowers in Honor of Mother’s Day



The rhododendrons are coming into full bloom where I live. When I researched information on growing the plants, I discovered the flowers flourish in the Pacific Northwest climate, especially between the Cascades and the Pacific Ocean. Other varieties have been propagated to accommodate weather extremes, like southern California and places in the East, but the native species thrive right in my backyard.

For that I am thankful. The colors are amazing—deep purples, hot pinks, lazy lavenders, creamy whites, rosy reds,–the list goes on and on. Along the coast the wild rhododendrons often grow to mammoth proportions, their puffs of blooms dotting many a coastal range.

Yesterday I read a blog posted by

 Take Two  http://rtbtaketwo.wordpress.com that mentioned how the earth would be uninhabitable if it were not for the flowers and trees God placed here. Plants give us air to breathe, protect us from the heat of the sun and offer shade. Their colors give us beauty. God certainly knows what He’s doing.

Since these flowers arrived in time for Mother’s Day I decided to give you an entire album of them, along with a few brave peonies, a Bridal Veil Spirea, some wild bluebells, and a newly bloomed fuchsia. This weekend is for all flower lovers, not just mothers. So enjoy the pictures as well as time spent with your favorite people.


Psalm 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.The world and those who dwell therein.


Happy Mother’s Day


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  1. Just wait until you see the flowers on the new earth!

  2. Yes, I”m enjoying the Rhodies all over Whidbey Island. Most are pink, some are brilliantly red, others white, and a few are yellow. The spring rains have brought them out beautifully this year.

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