When Motorcycles Meet A Novice

  I’ve only ridden a motorcycle once in my life. Many years ago.  My then boyfriend who would later become my husband and I were on a rock hunting  expedition with friends in eastern Oregon. We were digging to recover quartz, specifically Jasper stone, and other rare rocks with interesting middles. My girlfriend’s brother-in- law […]

And Still I Do

Forty seven years ago today July 18, 1975, I promised to love, honor and cherish a man I had come to respect and admire during a tumultuous time of upheaval for both of us. I won’t lie—our courtship traveled over rocky ground as we got to know each other. I was impulsive and stubborn and […]

This Day Finally Came

I remember writing letters to congressmen. I carried a sign and joined others along the main thoroughfares of my town protesting abortion. I drove to rallies in larger cities. I walked my neighborhood with a petition to put a bill on the ballot. But the force of the abortion movement remained a formidable foe. My […]

When Technology Holds A Vice Grip

I admit I can’t keep my website up and running and my connections to the reading public in proper working order without help. I can make basic changes here and there but when something goes bump in the night and my webpage disappears from the landscape I’m in a dither. That happened this last week. […]

A Day To Remember

  Barbecue, watermelon, flags—all signs that Memorial Day is upon us. For many the weekend signals the start of summer in the United States. Unless, of course, you are among the many states this year still plagued with snowfall and low temperatures in May. Summer may come a little later for you. Traditionally Memorial Day, […]