He stood at the top of the Mount of Olives, near Beth phage, looking down upon the city of Jerusalem. People were pouring in from all parts of Judah to celebrate the Jewish Feast of Passover. He and his company of men had come to do the same. Nothing about the tranquil scene suggested […]

Hosanna Procession

A friend entered eternity this week. She’d been an inspiration to me, her attitude toward life one of positive assurance that God would take care of her. She’d reared three children after her husband left to find other women, had worked as a fraternity cook for nearly three decades, and had walked the cancer journey […]

Renewal Awaits Us

Not often do both Palm Sunday and the first day of spring arrive together, but this year they do. Both events represent renewal in God’s scheme of things. Spring brings rebirth of the earth. Flowers awake from their slumber. Birds build nests for their young. Trees bud out, grass grows, the sun fills the sky […]

When Diety Triumphed Humanity

Courage to act when one fears what lies ahead is a circumstance common to man. We resist entering a room where unfamiliar faces wait. Mounting a podium before a live audience makes us tremble. Wearing a smile, when people who oppose us are present, challenges our resolve. If we could run the other way, we […]

A Mountaintop Experience

      I celebrated Palm Sunday at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in Felton, California last weekend.  This was my fifth visit to the mountaintop retreat center in as many years and is, without a doubt, my favorite writer’s conference.  Twenty three states were represented by attending conferees. Many came from as far south […]