Writers–Keepers of the Story

In my home cupboard, I have a collection of things handed down through my grandmother from her grandfather’s family—a pioneer fork, a glass Easter egg, salt cellars, a butter stamp.  All my childhood years I heard tales of my great-great grandfather who crossed the plains on horseback and settled on a donation land claim on […]

When Writers Speak

One of the benefits of attending a writer’s conference like the venue I wrote about last week is hearing from special speakers—usually writers—who have ventured down the path of publishing ahead of you and offer insights into the journey. Last week was no exception. Ed Underwood, senior pastor of the historic Church of the Open […]

Why Writers Need Conferences

I attended a writers conference this week. Truth be told, I lacked enthusiasm before I drove there. I’d attended three conferences last year and they left me drained—physically, financially, and emotionally. The thought of attending another one held as much appeal as facing an appendectomy. But I went. Like the act of writing itself, conferences […]