Merry Christmas

As Christmas 2016 bears down upon us with amazing speed and will soon be gone, I want to wish my readers a most joyful holiday. Sharing my life and my thoughts with you each week has become a fascinating journey through many subjects. And as we enter 2017, let us take with us the words […]

Tradition Reigns Parade

Touting their Christmas parade as the “oldest and coldest” in the Northwest, citizens of Springfield, Oregon once again marched down their main thoroughfare the first Saturday in December. Horses, bands, commercial floats and gaily dressed individuals sauntered beneath unseasonably blue skies and waved from warm perches, disproving the “coldest” mantra—at least this year. The weather […]

Savor the Moment

  Isn’t it amazing how we rise in the morning facing a complete new day, follow our planned routine, and before we know it, nighttime has arrived and we take our fatigue to bed? Minutes have passed into hours, hours into days, and within the blink of an eye, whole weeks have vanished.  Where did […]