Method, Not Madness

Along about dusk, they creep from the sidewalk. Witches, ghosts, and goblins travel noisily to our door and knock, all toting a sack or plastic bucket.  “Trick or treat!”   We drop this year’s offering into their containers and with muffled thanks, they trek off to the next home. Behind them come more—Minions, Star Wars characters […]

Keeping Secrets Secret

  I once shared confidential information with a woman I trusted and within two weeks those private facts came back to me through the mouth of a mutual acquaintance. As more and more details surfaced here and there, I realized my mistake. I couldn’t trust the woman as a friend and reduced our relationship to […]

Plunger or Snake?”

“The toilet’s not flushing right.” The quiet morning evaporated in an instant. My hard-of-hearing husband heard the words “toilet” and “flushing” and sprang from his chair. “Did the water go all over the floor?” Like an operative on a special mission, he strode to the offending appliance. After several minutes pushing the handle down and […]

A Day in the Life of an Artist

My daughter’s company, Critter Corner Cards, released its newest annual calendar this week, On Wings of Eagles, Isaiah 40:31. The calendar includes thirteen hand-drawn images of birds from around the world in colorful prism pastels. People ask me how these calendars are different. Unlike something you find at a discount store, where a dozen photographs […]

Run the Race to Win

Our local symphony launched its 2016-17 season recently, treating its audience to a rendition of Brahms’ sweeping Fourth Symphony, an orchestra piece the current conductor has waited to do since he began his term seven years earlier. The conductor will finish his contract with our local company this year and the audience will participate in […]