Boys and Their Bombers

When World War II planes come to our local airport for an exhibition, my husband and son are among the first in line to see them. This week four retired war machines, a B-17, B-25, and a B-26—all bombers— sat on the tarmac in Eugene, Oregon as well as a P-51 Mustang. Tours were available […]

Storykeepers #19–Freedmen Freed Men

One of the most interesting aspects of my research into the life of my great-great-grandmother has been the disagreements between scholars on what truly happened to runaway slaves during the 1840’s. I’d been led to believe that kind, God-fearing white folks abounded along the trail, helping the fugitive find his or her way to freedom […]

More Great Reading

As promised, I have more great titles of summer reading by authors I have read and enjoyed to recommend to you. This week I’ll start with contemporary books and add a couple of historical stories to the mix as well. So while you mix your lemonade or stir  your tea, try a few of these on […]

Authors, Authors, Authors

Have you geared up for summer reading? With sunshine, lemonade,  and hot, lazy days ahead, don’t forget to spend some of those wonderful moments with a good book. This week and next, I will list books by authors I’ve come to know and appreciate. Whether you fancy historical romance, contemporary women’s stories, or a little […]