Storykeepers #14–Runaway Fugitives

While my great-great-grandmother waited to join her future husband in Oregon territory, the slave controversy continued. Tempers flared and conflict threatened as the numbers of those fleeing for freedom continued to  climb. Laws threatened to change the landscape. The first fugitive slave law, passed in 1793, stated that no person held to service of labor in […]

Storykeepers #12–Boundary Dispute

As I continued my research of my family, my great-great-grandmother’s history puzzled me. The family historian listed her city of origin as Athens, Iowa. Except there is no such place. A site listed as the Battle of Athens State Historic Site, near the northern boundary of Missouri is the only location that came close. At […]

Overcoming Growth Obstacles

  One of the benefits of living in the Pacific Northwest is the usually mild winters. The absence of severe weather affords flower gardeners like myself the advantage of not having to dig tubers every fall. We can leave fussy flowers like dahlias in the ground and know that if we mulch them and keep […]

Fowl State of Affairs

A year has passed since my husband and I decided we’d join the urban chicken trend. Our Golden Girls, as we refer to them, have feathered our lives with laughs and tabled our dinner conversation with antics. None of us is certain why we decided to embark on this path, but the cackle within the […]