Story Keeper #8–Gold Fever

  Sent by his employer to build a new sawmill, James Marshall, an emigrant from New Jersey, was inspecting a ditch on the morning of January 24, 1848 when he looked down into the water and thought he saw gold. He reported the find to his boss, Johann Sutter, a Swiss emigrant to Mexican California, […]

Story Keeper#6–Earning Respect

A story passed down through the family . . . . Splitting logs to make fencing consumed most of my great-great-grandfather’s time his first winter in Oregon. One afternoon he was swinging his axe when a panicked Indian came running across the field, shouting. “Little White Brother! Come! You must come!” Alarmed at the anxiety […]

Art in the Eye of the Beholder

Thomas Kinkaid is known for his landscapes, Picasso for his contemporary designs and Rachel Lee for her critters. Each artist has chosen a different medium and a different subject they reproduce, but each one has something unique to bring to the world of art. Critter Corner Cards, a company founded by Rachel Lee in 2005, […]

Story Keeper #5–Native Neighbors

My great-great-grandfather knew Indians frequented the area when he chose the land on the east side of the middle fork of the Willamette River. Once settled, he discovered a family group of natives lived above a nearby second creek which ran parallel to the waterway traversing his land. Historians believe most Indians living or passing […]