When Writers Attract Fans

  A writing friend, who recently signed a book contract and whose novel was published, received a note from a reader who not only loved the story, but also wanted to connect on social media. To my friend, the comment was like spreading fudge sauce and sprinkles on a banana split already loaded with ice […]

Writers–Keepers of the Story

In my home cupboard, I have a collection of things handed down through my grandmother from her grandfather’s family—a pioneer fork, a glass Easter egg, salt cellars, a butter stamp.  All my childhood years I heard tales of my great-great grandfather who crossed the plains on horseback and settled on a donation land claim on […]

When Writers Create Dialogue

The woman sat up straight in the restaurant booth, head pressed against the cushioned back. As her companion approached, she lifted a pointer finger to her lips, and gestured for her friend to sit. On the table a notepad covered with scribbles rested beneath her palm, the pen in her hand busily writing notes. “Juicy […]

When Writers Become Icons

  Authors celebrate successes in many different ways. Debut writers take pictures of their books on shelves of libraries and bookstores. Award-winning novelists hang their plaques alongside framed novel covers. Others attend the movie premiere of their story. Some are honored by citizens of the city or setting the author used to tell the tale. Such was the case last […]