Fire In The Hole!

Early in his career, my husband worked as an assistant to a powder monkey on a road construction crew. He helped wire fuses to dynamite charges, clearing away rock, land masses, and other obstructions to make way for new roadways. Wiring too many charges at once meant risking not all dynamite would explode, leaving live powder without a trigger—an […]

Honoring Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day to you? The start of summer? Three days before you have to return to work?  Time to catch up on your sleep, lawn-mowing, television watching, and social media surfing? Or is it a day filled with memories of people who gave everything to preserve what you take for granted? Every Memorial […]

Where God Waits

In a recent week my schedule rolled downhill like a log before an avalanche, the planned activities cancelled before they had a chance to see daylight. With each change came a strange sense of loss, my busy life suspended, dwindling to a list of commitments as full of holes as a slice of Swiss cheese. […]