A Coop Fit for Ladies Orpington

“Urban chickens?” My husband stared at me like I’d lost my mind. My fascination with the idea came after reading a newspaper article which described the increasing popularity of backyard chicken coops. Urban chickens, as they were called, had created a demand for everything fowl, from coops to feeders to city ordinances governing them. A […]

Covering Our Past Mistakes

I recently attended a theater production of Camelot, that magical kingdom where rain never falls until after sundown and winter leaves March second on the dot. The perfection of the place is akin to the garden of Eden in the Bible, and the storyline doesn’t stray far from the biblical tale either. Arthur is the […]

Death Could Not Hold Him

The man from Galilee was dead.  Arrested in Gethsemane. Dragged before the Sanhedrin. Accused of blasphemy. Taken to Roman governor Pontius Pilate. Sentenced to be flogged. Taunted by soldiers. Carried cross to Calvary’s hill. Tortured by spikes driven into hands and feet. Hung to die. Side pierced by spear to be sure he was dead. […]