Write A Novel in Thirty Days?

Ever thought about writing a book? Do you think you could create believable characters? Decide on their quirks? Hair and eye color? Hidden histories they don’t want to discuss? Could you imagine a unique story world, send the players on their journey, map out their quest, see them through each crisis? Tomorrow, November 1, National […]

Making A Difference

On my return trip from St. Louis in September, I witnessed an incident aboard my flight which disturbed not only me, but several passengers around me. A woman boarded the plane with a box in her hands and sat one seat ahead of me. She made a great show of stowing the box, getting situated […]

A Piece of History Rolls Away

Have you heard the latest? Joining the ranks of the glass bottle and the egg timer, the cardboard tube in the center of a roll of toilet paper will soon be extinct. When I saw this advertised on television this week, I gasped. The longtime staple for children’s art projects and other varied uses will be no more. […]

St. Louis–Mix of Old and New

My trip last week to St. Louis, Missouri  for the American Christian Writers Conference lacked the usual assortment of plane delays and traveler faux pas about which I have blogged in the past. No misread gates, no flight delays, and no cancellations plagued me this trip, which have forced rerouting of my entire itinerary a […]