All Gave Some, Some Gave All

On a trip to Oahu scheduled over Memorial Day weekend some years back, my husband and I sidelined the regular tourist haunts in favor of those with historical value.  One of the stops on our itinerary was the 116-acre cemetery situated in Pouwaina, an extinct volcano transformed in 1948 to serve as a resting place […]

Little Bird Sings Amazing Song

  Ziiiiiiiiiiooooh twee-twee-twee-twee    Ziiiiiiiiooooh twee-twee-twee-twee  Like air sliding down a straw, the bird’s song echoed across the backyard.  I could hear the little singer outside my kitchen window and wondered what kind of bird sang so prettily.  Every day I heard the warble—it woke me at morning’s first light and entertained me well into the […]

A Bouquet of Flowers in Honor of Mother’s Day

[slideshow]    The rhododendrons are coming into full bloom where I live. When I researched information on growing the plants, I discovered the flowers flourish in the Pacific Northwest climate, especially between the Cascades and the Pacific Ocean. Other varieties have been propagated to accommodate weather extremes, like southern California and places in the East, […]

Vast Ocean Life Overwhelms Our Thinking

[slideshow] Years ago a friend who periodically visited us from Florida always wanted to see the Oregon coast. My husband asked her why she needed more ocean when she lived near one. She told him the eastern shore is plain and stretches for miles. Nothing, she said, compared to the one along our coastline. We […]