Pushing Through the Storms Before Us

 Don’t you admire the tenacity of a flower? These blossoms have endured a late winter snowstorm, ice, hail and non-stop rain to bloom where they are planted.   [slideshow]  As God’s children we also endure trials and storms, and sometimes I marvel at the tenacity of people who are standing in their time of trouble.  In recent […]

A Warranty with No Expiration Date

            Warranties and I don’t co-exist well. The handle on my dishwasher broke three weeks after the contract expired. If my vacuum cleaner had clogged ten days sooner, I wouldn’t have had to pay for a repair. No matter what the item, if some part fails, I’m left with the responsibility of fixing it.              […]

I Think That I Shall Never See

[slideshow] Only the stump remains. The week before the official arrival of spring, I told you how excited I was to see winter make its exit for a new season of renewal and hope. I posted pictures of blloming daffodils and flowering plum trees. To my surprise (and to everyone else’s where I live) , […]

Yellow Trumpets Herald Easter Joy

My husband loves daffodils.  Last fall he told me he’d planted an entire 50-bulb sack around our yard, but he didn’t tell me where. So, when I returned from a writers conference earlier this week, I was surprised at the display of yellow that had happened in our yard while I was away.  Though we’d […]